Artist Statement

It begins with creation as opposed to thought. I find that the conceptual side of my artwork reveals itself throughout the process of building. I learn something new about myself, my passions, or my concerns during the journey to the finished piece. The final result combines a pure appreciation for the immediacy of fun and silliness with the serious issues of environmentalism and climate change. Much of my work explores a fascination with the feeling of sublime instilled by extreme weather phenomena and natural landscapes. Abstracted psychedelic expressions of experience – particularly the experience of live music – often intertwine within the work as well. My automatic approach predominantly results in creating a sense of deep dreamlike wonder. My two dimensional work is an energetic explosion of colours, shapes, patterns and unusual figurative elements with an imaginative creativity derived from automatic expression. My three dimensional work is more of an absorption into the beauty of detail, it seeks to be touched and not simply seen. Sculptural mixed media is my central focus with metal, wood and thread being the most common materials. The work serves as a reminder of the great depth of possibilities in our imaginations, to be present, observant and to enjoy life. This art is a pursuit of passion driven by what fulfills me, gives my life meaning and makes me happy. Though themes of harsh negative realities about the impacts of humans on this planet are present, the viewer is not meant to be left feeling depressed. Instead the work invokes memories of how it felt to be a child, an appreciation of a strong connection with land, water and nature, and a stimulating envelopment of colour and music without a sound.